• We have an amusing selection of timeless short stories,
    which are ideally suited for magazine, sports programmes
    or as fillers. Our sport fillers will be particularly valuable
    for Broadcasters looking for an amusing and different
    perspective on the sporting culture of this island nation.
    These short features are ideal for the International
    Broadcast arena as they are not presenter led.

    These stories are available as edited news rushes or cut
    pieces with no narration.



HUTC has a wealth of alternative sports and competitions that characterises the source of our sporting prowess, these would make great fillers for your magazine or clip show.


Our material is not presenter led and therefore ideal for International Broadcasters or Digital media who can then tailor the content as required. The UK has wealth of unusual sports so why not use a collection of these to illustrate the true heritage of this Island nation.


There is a selection of our Sports fillers unlisted on our HUTC YouTube channel, please go to the playlist.


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