Corporate Filming and Production

Our broadcast news background means HUTC know how to deliver a message but we are also brand aware and fastidious about how you come across to your customers, clients and audience.


HUTC produce video content for all types of client, industry and purpose and strive to be the very best. We aim to deliver creative and punchy corporate videos ensuring your information is delivered in the most concise, clear and compelling way. Motion graphics and animation can all help set the mood and pace of your film. Above all, the content should engage whether it is to entertain, be thought provoking or act simply as an explainer.

Web Videos

The use of video has grown from a few businesses occasionally including it on their website, to an essential, competitive differentiator that can enhance or promote a brand or showcase your businesses strengths and achievements. In terms of influence, reach and cost effectiveness, the significance of online content in 2013 is immense; so, you'd be a fool to dismiss it.


Web videos have the ability to condense complicated information into digestible and eye-catching, appealing pieces. Whether it's a landing page video, online trailer or for the more adventurous a Viral film; HUTC can provide a creative solution.

Corporate Video

From a CEO interview or conference video right through to a corporate brand film, we can deliver exactly what is needed to bring your message to life striking the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and driving your corporate message home.

Explainer content

We deliver outstanding explainer videos for your website which help to showcase your brand and get your message across in a unique and memorable way.

D-Roll (Digital content) & B-Roll

Increasingly it is not only broadcasters who are looking for news content but the proliferation of online media and digital publications mean that there are new ways of gaining exposure for your business or brand. Content is King, yet digital media are unlikely to want to use your promo films, after all it is not an advertisement they are seeking for their editorial! We can deliver your digital message in the right style and format to optimise its chances of selection and success.


If your event, announcement or product really is groundbreaking or unique it maybe something Broadcast News editors would consider. To this end we can film and deliver B-roll to facilitate its use.

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