• Why Use Video?

    • Video has become an essential part to any digital campaign. Let's strike you with a few stats. A massive 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In 2012, that amounted to 1 trillion views - which is about 140 views for every single person on the planet. So, you'd be a fool to forget it.

      Agencies and marketers spend roughly 13-16% of their online advertising budget on video. With the rise in mobile and the proliferation of video content, this is only set to rise.

      No longer do companies have to fill their websites with pages of text that leave the viewer confused, or worse, bored. Web videos have the ability to condense complicated information into digestible and visually appealing pieces. In terms of reach, influence and cost effectiveness, the significance of online video in 2013 is vast.

    • What makes a good Video?

    • In simple terms one that people want to watch! The style, mood and pace will be somewhat determined by the subject matter, product, brand and target audience. The very best promos are both engaging and informative; they are compelling to watch.

      People's attention whilst surfing the web is notoriously limited and the audience retention figures for some video on YouTube is staggering. This does emphasise the need for creating compelling content at the beginning of the video to maximize the chances of viewer completion as however good your content is it will only work if people actually watch it!

    • Looking for a Viral Video - it might not be right for you

    • Many clients are looking for their campaign to be spearheaded by a viral video - something that will give them massive exposure. What they often don't realise is that for this to happen the video not only needs to be risky but cannot be overtly branded; for the latter you'd be better off to create an ad. What often starts as a concept that could make a great viral video gets toned down through the corporate approval process so it is doomed from the outset.

      So can you go out on a limb to produce something really clever, funny or controversial, or preferably all three? Finally much of an effective online campaign comes from how you PR it, how you sow the seed.

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