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Hot under the collar productions

HUTC Archive Footage Library

Welcome to the HUTC Archive Collection. If your project needs library footage or if you are looking for that unusual or amusing clip for your programme, we can offer a wealth of imagery, covering an array of sports as well as a vast range of British and 'Eccentric' footage. Our Archive collection is unique and includes many unusual if not bizarre races, competitions and championships.


We can usually respond to enquiries within 24 hours. We know our material really well so can save you time by pre-selecting or suggesting the right sort of material for your show or assignment. We licence our material on a non-exclusive basis and our fees are based on the licence parameters required.


Unlike other niche footage archives, we are constantly adding new material to the HUTC Archive collection so visit us again soon or ask us about our newest material.


Please complete our enquiry form or contact us to discuss your requirements.