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Making the News

Have you got a story that could go global?

HUTC knows how to deliver news; we have been providing news stories to our TV Broadcast clients for over a decade. Often our stories are available on the global TV news feeds such as Reuters TV News, AP and SNTV and so our content regularly appears in news bulletins around the world and increasingly digital web content and social media networks.

On other occasions, due to the nature of a story or the nationality of the key people involved, we would deal with a particular Broadcaster, sometimes on a regional basis but often the appropriate International News Channel. Whatever the method, if you have a story that should go global, we can make it happen!

Of course, not everything captures the imagination of discerning news editors so your story must have something that makes it really newsworthy, but our expertise can assess its chances of success. If you are simply looking to promote a product, service or your company, other methods of communication maybe more appropriate, such as a video promo, viral video or even an advertisement but don't despair; we can help with those too!

Making the News
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