It was one of those passing social media fads -The Mannequin Challenge – it was all the range in late 2016, even in the USA Presidential election, nominee Hilary Clinton posed in one.

So there I was, sitting down sipping my iced tea in Union Glacier camp in Antarctica, when I suggested to a bunch of hardened marathon runners that we should have a go and attempt to create our own Antarctic Mannequin Challenge – with my news head on, I suggested we could set the new World record for the Southern most challenge – after all we were only 600 miles from the South Pole and no other silly fools were going to do it.

Of course the athletes already had the advantage of being ‘frozen to a spot’ with temperatures hovering at around ¯20°C. Right on cue, the runners stood still and we managed to get it in one attempt!

On arriving back in London, the news editor at Reuters thought this was indeed newsworthy and the story was quickly out, making the news in bulletins around the globe. Strangely, it did as well as the main story I had gone to cover, that of the Antarctic Ice Marathon!