Donning my Goggles, Speedos and a Gopro camera, I headed off to an exclusive swimming pool in central London on one of the hottest days of the year to cover the World Dive Chess Championships

The Championships are now in their 5th year and is part of the annual Mind Sports Olympiad; a week long festival of ‘intellectual prowess’ held in London, England.

So what is Dive Chess? It’s like normal chess but played in a swimming pool with a submerged chessboard. Each player can only think, submerged, as long as they are able to hold their breath. Once you’ve made a move and come up for air, your opponent must dive and cannot come back up until they’ve played a move, and then it’s your turn to dive again.

I have to say I have covered over 150 unusual World Championships in my time and this is certainly in the top ten! – great fun as well.

Dave Painter