Five long days in Ireland and Northern Ireland working on various “Brexit” stories for a news broadcast client. One of the stories that we covered was exploring the possible rebuilding of customs posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

 As we drove to the outskirts of the Irish border town of Newry, there is a reminder of what life was like before peace came to Northern Ireland – the weed-covered, fenced-off hulk of an old customs and border post.

 During the Troubles, it was an intimidating presence in the heart of nationalist country. Now it is sinking into the rain-sodden countryside, unused for two decades as the Irish border became a fading memory.

 This morning (8th December 2017) the European Commission has announced it is recommending to the European Council that “sufficient progress” has been made in the first phase of Brexit talks, so it looks like the border question has been resolved. No hard border is likely to return!