The British Speedgolf season has just kicked into life.  It’s a great sport to cover for many reasons. I normally book a couple of cameraman who chase the Speedgolfers during their round in golf buggies.  We were one of the first to use a drone at the British Open a few years back, which caused quite a stir, especially when British Speedgolf put out this shot on its social media!

Safety is paramount now for Drone operators (our drone guys are CAA register pilots before you ask) but this gives us some of the most unusual golf shots you will encounter.  Speedgolf provides a fast pace tournament with competitors set off at intervals playing 18 holes,  all over before lunch…what’s not to like!

The sport appeals to people who love their golf but can’t find the time to play with work and family commitments – plus those who enjoy running and having fun, there is a really nice sporting spirit at the events.

 Speedgolf offers a faster, more athletic version of the game, where a player can complete a full 18 holes in under 60 minutes, or 9 holes in under 25 minutes, by jogging between shots. The challenge for players is to balance their running pace with their ability to quickly and accurately play shots to get their lowest score possible as golf shots and time are combined for a Speedgolf score. 

With our increasingly sedate lifestyles, Speedgolf has health and fitness benefits as well. Playing nine holes at running pace can be fitted in to 25 – 40 minutes; players will jog two to three miles depending on their golf accuracy, take over 5000 steps and burn over 850 calories.

This year is an exciting year for this sport; a new international alliance has formed to include the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In the UK a brand new Pairs Championship will be hosted at West Kent Golf Club  on 22  July, followed by the British Open Speedgolf Championships on 9  September at the prestigious Piltdown Golf Club in East Sussex – voted one of the top 50 golf clubs in England. With just 40 tees available at the latter, it is short odds to become a British Champion!

The sport is capturing the imagination of players across the globe and this October, the US will not only host their US Open Championship, but the World Championships will also a few days later in New York State. The UK is hoping to assemble a team! 

Here is a report from last year’s British Open Speedgolf Championships, registration for this year’s championships are open now  Enjoy!