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Ants studied with radio transmitters
British Husky Dog Racer
British Open Crabbing Championship
British Siberian Husky Dog race
Camel Polo
Cane Toad Racing
Man vs. Horse Marathon
Ostrich Racing (South Africa)
Pork Stakes Grand National Pig Race
Rabbit Wedding
Rat Brain Robot
Sea Lions with gleaming teeth
Canine Come Dancing
Cat & Dog Hotel of America
Crocodile Man – suburban reptile home
Cropper the Fox
Doggie Abseiling
Duck Herding
Shark Tank cleaner
Sheep Racing Derby
Sheep Racing Grand National
Shetland Pony Grand National
Surf dog competition (California, USA)
Swan Upping
Elephant Beach Polo (Sri Lanka)
Elephant Football (Thailand)
Elephant Tug of War (Thailand)
Fish pedicure
Giant Rabbit – What a Thumper!
Goat Grand National
Terrier Racing
Whippet Racing
World Elephant Polo Championship (Nepal)
World Snail Racing Championship
World Worm Charming Championship
Worm Charming festival
Hen Hotel – Fowlty Towers
Hen Racing World Championship
Insect Eating World Championship
International Horse Carriage Driving
Lion Cub Hydrotherapy

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