A World Championship always gives an event extra gravitas even for those most unusual of events. HUTC has a large collection, some a little more obscure than others

Banger Racing World Championship
Barrel Rolling World Championship
Beard & Moustache World Championship
Bicycle Polo World Championship
Biggest Liar in the World competition
Black Pudding Lobbing World Championship
TYGA World Open Martial Arts Championship
Walking the Plank championship
Winter Swimming World Championship
Women’s Polo World Challenge
Woolsack Racing
World 25 Metre Pole Climbing Championship
Bodyflight World Challenge
Bog Snorkelling Championship
Brompton Folding bike World Championships
Circular Chess World Championship
Coal Carrying Championship
Cocktail Championship – Cuba
World Bagpipe Band championships
World Coal Shovelling Championships (Tasmania)
World Custard Pie Championships
World Custard Pie Championships
World Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge
Conker Championships
Crazy Golf Championship
Croquet World Championship
Elephant Polo World Championship
Extreme Ironing World Championship
Golf Croquet Pairs World Championship
World Fjord Swimming Championship
World Gravy Wrestling Championships
World Hovercraft Racing Championships
World Indoor Rowing Championships (USA)
World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championship
Gurning Championship
Hen Racing World Championship
Insect Eating championship
Marble Championship
Office Putting Championship
Pea Shooting Championship
World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championships
World Paintball Championship
World Porridge Making Championships
World Record Press up man
World Roof Bolting Championships (Tasmania)
Pooh Sticks Championship
Reliant Robin World Finals
Rummikub Championship
Snail Racing Championship
Stinging Nettle Eating Championship
Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships
World Santa Curling Championships
World Scrabble Championships
World Segway Polo Championships
World Spoofing Championship
World Toe Wrestling Championship
World Trick Shot Golf Championship
Tent Pitching World Championship
The World Flair Bartending Championships
The World Flounder Tramping Championship
Tiddlywinks World Championship (final)
Trampolining World Cup
World Water Bombing Championship
World’s Biggest Space Hopper Race
Worm Charming Championship

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